What you need before using the Electronic Housing Code

Prior to using the Electronic Housing Code you may find it helpful to have the following information ready:



As each development is different it is difficult to provide an exhaustive listing of required documentation for each scenario. However we have compiled a list of some of the possible documentation you may need to provide, click here to view.


You will require an electronic copy of the associated site plan in order to complete your application. Examples of other documentation you may require includes waste management plan, BASIX Certificate, floor plan of proposed development and specifications.


If you are doing this application on behalf of others, you will need a signed owners consent form. A template can be downloaded here.

Please note that you are only able to select a Council or Private Certifier involved in the project. To find out who these are, please click here.

Note you are not required to download any software to use the online EHC system. Instead, it is accessed via a web browser by entering, www.electronichousingcode.com.au. This can be done on a smart device such as a tablet PC or iPhone or from a desktop computer.

Finally, if you are unsure of how to use the system or complete an action, an online customer service system has been established. Alternatively, you may find it helpful to view the User Guide. This has been divided into sections and will walk you through the steps. Please click here to be taken to these guides. 

You are also able to use the EHC customer service portal to leave your thoughts and feedback on the Electronic Housing Code. We are keen to get your feedback so please make use of this facility. 

Click here to use the EHC

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